Large city
Alignment: LN
Assets: 46,600,000 gp
Population: 52,140 (human)

Keliyos is a beacon of prosperity in the desert wasteland. Home to thriving mining and metalworking industries as well as the renowned University of Presin, Keliyos not only distributes a steady supply of clay, metal, and glass products to the surround region, but also attracts a constant influx of scholars and intellectuals therefrom.


Keliyos was originally an impoverished mining outpost, until a serendipitous series of silver strata were stumbled upon, leading to a boom in business and expansion into a small town. Meanwhile, the Abaaman sea raids were at their peak along the Western Coast, leading to a diaspora of refugees fleeing inland. Among them were skilled metal- and stoneworkers, who had until that point relied on ore imports from the mountain mining settlements, principally Keliyos. Seizing the opportunity to reduce their expenses, they simply journeyed to Keliyos and set up shop there, where they had prime access to the raw materials they needed. This was the start of an internal economic symbiosis within Keliyos, wherein the ore from the mountains was used to fashion more advanced mining equipment, which was used to acquire further ore, and so on. Meanwhile, enough ore and metal goods were being produced within Keliyos so that a portion of the haul could be set aside for trade with the agricultural settlements further down the Great River.

During this period in its development, Keliyos greatly expanded in both size and ecopolitical influence. A social hierarchy took shape, with miners and quarrymen at the bottom, skilled craftsmen above them, and businessmen at the top.

Romik Presin, the town’s eminent silver tycoon, wished to make available the education he had received as a boy to the wider, less-learned population of Keliyos, and established the University of Presin. The advent of the university meant the arrival not only of facility of higher learning and knowledge for its residents, but as well a developed medical institution and library, for which a new wave of scholars, valetudinarians, and sight-seers alike traveled for miles.

Thus, Keliyos became the city it is today, home to all manner of peoples and ideas.


Keliyos is nestled in the junction of the Great River and the Silver Mountains, perched atop a plateau in the foothills overlooking miles of desert to the north and the Great River to the west.


The primary building materials available to Keliyos are stone and metal from the mountains and clay from the banks of the river. There are no forests in the surrounding desert, and what vegetation grows on the banks of the river provides little to no wood suitable for the construction of anything sturdier than a small hut. Therefore, Keliyos is marked by sharp, angular architecture, a style with a pronounced lack of roundness.

Defensive Fortifications

With its back to the mountains and a sturdy stone wall, Keliyos is highly defensible. More than once its has served as a rendezvous point for retreating armies of allied nations.


Keliyos has three main sources of economic gain: its mining industries in the nearby mountains and in salt flats of the deserts, its fine metal- and glassworking industries, and the University of Presin. It also has a minor fishing trade, but this is mainly for the sustenance of the riverside slum population, not international trade. It receives its other commodities by trading its silver, salt, and glass down the river via Andukos with other peoples around the continent.

Government and Politics:

While the Great Council of Keliyos makes most of the decisions about the city’s governance, the president of the University of Presin also holds considerable power. The Great Council contains 50 members, who are elected by the human citizens of the city. The Great Council delegates its members into smaller councils, each concerning some issue or topic which is then used to create laws. For a law to be passed, the entire council must vote after discussion by the smaller councils involved, and the law must win by a ⅔ majority.


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